Detachment Through Self Reliance


Recent Update:
Upon reading the context “The Infrastructure of Contemporary Landscapes” (Shannons & Smets) an excerpt that became a striking point of reverie, titled Detachment Through Self-Reliance,  utilizes mans challenge over nature and mans need to organize it.
In reading, the status quo of man “civilizing” nature is very much an evolutionary as well as historical construct that has been archived for many many years. Even man’s conquer over foreign landscapes outside of the Earth is also an accomplishment that humanity seems to obsess over and recreate a multitudinous amount of times.
If, for example, we were to switch roles and let nature take over man’s will, feelings of uncertainty and fear would certainly arise. It takes me back to a piece of literature I read in high school by Jon Krakauer called Into the Wild where the protagonist of the story completely relinquishes himself of all human constructs and decides to embark on living off the land in Denali, Alaska. The resolution of the story entails the protagonist dying amongst the wilderness in complete and utter detachment of human society and thoroughly only relying on himself in order to carry out the simple means of just living.


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