Perusings of Placemaking

DAY 1: Expect the Unexpected
Today is the day I left the realm of WDI and the imaginative possibilities with no restraint to the future and have entered what I like to call, The Jungle. In reference to famous novelist Upton Sinclair, I see the introduced design site (City of Vernon) and the industry of meat packing, processing, packaging, rendering, and all other phases of creating product that arrives at your grocery store to be relevant to Sinclair’s The Jungle. Although the narrative of the book reveals the hardships of workers during the Industrial Revolution, some truth regarding the physicality of capitalism coming into fruition in the landscape of Packingtown is similar to the city of Vernon. Like Packingtown, the city of Vernon is represented through the companies and the capitalistic ventures of a developed society. If there was anything to learn from the introduction to the unique landscape that is the city of Vernon, it is that opportunities lie in the unexpected, they may lie above us, below us, to the side of us, but they will rarely cease to exist right in front of us.

DAY 2: The Verbs of Vernon 
Vernon seems to be a site of stagnation but movement at the same time. We have given undeniable characterization to non-living parts that seem to be moving and creating more impact than the people themselves. The city of Vernon contains verbs maintained and upheld by the helms of modern machinery. These verbs that are exemplified within the landscape have classification such as packing, rendering, packaging, manufacturing, and making etc. Amongst all these things that seem to convey characteristics of a living organism, the breadth of the residents within Vernon seem to be lacking in number. Having extrapolated these evident facts, the new question to pose for this Industrial Landscape is… is it really suited for the people of this city? Should we placate more importance on human life amongst the mode of machinery? Are there potentials of creating a place that inserts memories or at the very least, impact upon its visitor? Currently all these inquiries are yet to be discovered, but they shall soon be revealed by looking at the verbs of Vernon.


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