Jumping into the THINKtank

20140127-184212.jpgAfter much debacle and “charetting” at SWA on Friday, we came together as a group today to vividly express our vision for what Vernon could be.
To go into more detail about what has happened, it is evident to reveal what we know, what we don’t know, and what we could know…in terms of investigating all the viable opportunities of Vernon.
For now, our area of study within our group deals with the criticisms of the food system and how Vernon can be an agent of change within this region.
Food systems and food prosperity is an issue that I can say I have an extreme interest in. After watching a few provocative documentaries about the manufacturing and processing procedures within our industrialized food system, I am so appalled. I’m more upset at the fact that I’ve allowed myself to be blinded by the corporate politics for so long, but fast forward to a couple years and I do proclaim myself as a clean eating aficionado.  It took a lot of retrospective speculation and a lot of trial and error, but my body now thanks me for it.
In correlation to what we are emphasizing in our “big idea” for Vernon, this purpose of providing a better community for the masses that inhabit this place on a temporary basis could be a projection model for other industrial cities throughout the world. Providing not only adequate systems, but sustainable clean product systems that reuse the contents should have the potential to be something that the global economy should not turn a blind eye to. It’s something we should look forward to, something to anticipate with eagerness and not anxiety.



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