Post Midterm Cognizance

Today we presented our preliminary frameworks for the City of Vernon to a varied jury. The jury consisted of SWA Laguna Beach & Los Angeles, ELAC, Duane Mcleod of LA Forum, and the new adjunct professor.
In synopsis, our project dealt with creating a new dynamic within the exclusively industrial City of Vernon. Other teams have proposed new systems of infrastructure, readjusting industries and creating a more humanistic approach to worker housing for a better quality of life, for us, we kept our roots firmly intact into the industrial world of Vernon and proposed to promote Vernon as a producer, a new industry that will emerge from “the ground up.”
We had beneficial feedback that reinforced our decisions in the process of coming up with our narrative and in retrospective, a lot of the development of our narrative was thanks to our WDI experience last quarter. When dealing with a multifarious audience, we’ve realized that the guiding principle reigns supreme. The story is what gets people.
As early designers dipping our feet into the shallow end of the design pool, it is important to know the story. Know what you’re dealt with, what you see, your vision, and most importantly what the vacancy of opportunity will leave for the future.