Of Maps and Making


There is an interesting juxtaposition between bigness and smallness. From the exterior it seems that these two things exist separate from each other, but if one could look at the synthesis of things, of these systems that pertain to the workings of the life we live, they go together. In this theory of “Gestaltism” or the sum of the parts, it is safe to say that the bigness can be the sum of smallness.
In regards to our design project, we were recently introduced to the second year advanced Arch students at ELAC with their proposals on housing in Vernon.
What was derived from these conversations however, was the focus of bigness and smallness. We got into a little heated debate over which systems of analysis is more valid, analyzing through small scale and then apply to the bigger picture, or doing the top-down version that we’re familiar with and using the bigger picture as a framework for all the details. Overall, ideas about which situation was more “suited” wasn’t really the question, the inevitability of knowing that these two parts coincide with one another to illustrate the makings of place, and how to manipulate it to encounter different results.